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Review现场 | 马来西亚艺术家谢有锡线上展 Cheah Yew Saik Online Exhibition

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由德必意大利、中意设计交流中心和马来西亚艺象中心主办, 佛罗伦萨市政府、佛罗伦萨市第四区政府、上海设计之都促进中心、上海市对外文化交流协会和意大利乌戈·圭迪博物馆支持的马来西亚艺术家谢有锡线上艺术展“徜徉于山水美景间”在意大利时间4月15日12时上线。

Cheah Yew Saik's personal online exhibition "Roaming In The Beautiful Scenery" is organized by the DoBe Italy, the Sino Italian Design Exchange Center and Malaysia Impressions Arts Center, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence, District 4 of the Municipality of Florence, Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, the Shanghai International Culture Association and the Ugo Guidi Museum, opens on April 15th, 2022 at 12:00 Italian time.

前言 Preface

马来西亚著名资深美育家兼艺术家谢有锡,吉隆坡美术学院KLCA创办人。三十多年奉献付出落力栽培学生,孜孜不倦踏实把本心初衷推动美术教育,办学方针皆以实力品质取胜。他为马来西亚培育出数千名各领域的美术专才。包括文教界、美术界、广告界及工艺部门,都有优异表现。尤其在 美术界,人材辈出。






Cheah Yew Saik, a renowned senior art educator and artist in Malaysia, is also the founder of the Kuala Lumpur College of Art (KLCA). He has devoted over 30 years to nurturing students and promoting art education with his steadfast dedication and emphasis on quality. He has trained thousands of art professionals in various fields, including academia, the arts, advertising, and handicrafts, many of whom have excelled in the art industry.

Cheah Yew Saik, a disciplined and prudent individual with a scholarly and gentlemanly demeanor, is highly respected by his juniors. He has demonstrated his artistic talents across a variety of media, delivering brilliant achievements in his artistic career spanning over 60 years. His artistic skills are diverse, including oil painting, watercolor painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and mural painting.

Cheah's print works have also represented Malaysia in international print exhibitions held in Milan, Italy. Since 1959, his various works of art have participated in over a hundred large-scale art exhibitions both domestically and internationally. In order to promote pottery, Xie held a personal pottery exhibition and ten personal art exhibitions in 1982. Looking back, the author believes that his landscape paintings are the most outstanding, especially those with a rich Eastern philosophical style between mountains, water, and clouds. His oil paintings of landscapes with misty and vast mountains and water and his watercolor landscape paintings with expressive waterfall depictions can best showcase his artistic style, which is elegant, natural, and grand.

The twists and turns of fate at the Art Academy, however, strengthened his determination to create and enriched his creative source. After retiring, he chose to pursue a peaceful and serene way of life, enjoying his artistic world and the field of Buddhism in his later years. He continued to travel around and enjoy the beauty of nature, expressing his love for the vastness and grandeur of the natural world. He placed his heart in a peaceful and simple state of mind.

Cheah Yew Saik's art works have a distinctive style and a strong expressionist modern art style. Although he inherited the solid foundation of perspective, proportion, balance, and the golden ratio from traditional academy art and scientific aesthetic rules, he drew inspiration from the development of "expressionism" in modern art, emphasizing the expression of personal emotions and thoughts rather than composition, color, texture, brushwork, form, and material application. In addition to realistic still life works with special layouts and expressions of humanistic feelings, his watercolors, oil paintings of landscape scenery, and character creations all focus on starting points that depart from concrete expression, emphasizing freehand or exaggerated character expression forms. Including his most representative series of works over the past sixty years, the spiritual content and artistic conception are the key points he attaches particular importance to. These are expressions of the artist's emotional and thinking processes, whether in freehand or semi-abstract works, or even realistic still life paintings with specific layouts, arranged with details that radiate intriguing and rich humanistic ideas.

——Becky Choong

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谢有锡 Cheah Yew Saik

1939年出生于吉打州,马来西亚。1961年毕业于新加坡南洋美术专科学校 (现为南洋艺术学院)。1965年毕业于英国STOKE-ON-TRENT College of Art,考获英国国家美术与设计文凭(National Diploma in Art & Design N.D.D.)并获得 North Staffordshire Art Society 颁发的"特别奖"。1968年创办吉隆坡美术学院,担任院长至2002年退休为止。

1981年荣获被遴选入英国剑桥编纂的"世界名人录"及"马来西亚名人录"。1983-1987年创办马来西亚水彩协会创会主席,并担任第一及第二届会长。1983-1985年创办新加坡南洋美专马来西亚校友会创会主席及第一届会长。1986年荣获"IWS 1986 水彩画奖"马来西亚水彩协会。




Cheah Yew Saik was born in Kedah, Malaysia in 1939. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1961. He later pursued further art education at the Stoke-On -Trent College of Arts and was awarded “Best Student of The Year“ on graduation 1965. He was awarded a National Diploma in Art and Design (N.D.N.) and "Special Prize" from North Staffordshire art society.

He has been a prominent figure and pioneer in Malaysian art education and art field since 1959. He founded the Kuala Lumpur College of Art in 1968 to fulfill his aspiration of promoting art education and was the college's principal till 2002. He was awarded certificate of inclusion in" The International Who's Who of Intellectuals' published by The International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England in 1981. He was also a founder member and the first president of the Malaysian Watercolour Society in 1983-1987 and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association of Malaysia in 1983-1985.1986"MWS 1986 Watercolour Award" Malaysian Watercolour Organization.

2009"Special Tribute Pavilion Artist" 4th Malaysian International Art Expo. 2010 "Highest Culture Award" Malaysian Chinese Cultural Association. 2016 “Malaysian Blossom Art Award 2016" Blossom Arts Festival Malaysia. 2018 “Lifetime Achievement Award" 1st IWS a Malaysia International Watercolour Biennal and "Award for Contribution to Art Education" Malaysia Modern & Contemporary Art Academy.

Since 2004 he became a full-time Artist and has held 14 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous invitational and group shows locally and internationally. . He mainly paints in oil and watercolour. He is also a potter, a printmaker and a sculptor. He is a versatile artist who works with many different mediums in his art works creation.

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作品 Art Work

《水晶蓝湖二,西藏 Crystal Blue Lake II Tibet》

130cm x 200cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《伦敦泰晤士河沿岸 Along the River Thames, London》

89cm x 104.4cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《文化之城布拉格一世 Cultural City Prague I 》

79cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《文化之城布拉格一世 Cultural City Prague || 》

79cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《意大利米兰大教堂 Duomo di Milano, Italy 》

79cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《迷人的土地,西藏 Enchanting Land I Tibet 》

106.5cm x 137cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《迷人的土地 ,西藏 三 Enchanting Land Tibet III》

155cm x 155cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《意大利佛罗伦萨 Florence, Italy 》

99cm x 127cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《闪耀巴黎 Glittering Paris》

99cm x 127cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《冰岛温暖的家 1, 挪威 Ice Land, warm Homes I, Norway 》

76cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《伦敦街景 London Street Scene 》

76cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《偏远的村庄,挪威 Remote Village, Norway 》

65cm x 120cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《巴黎塞纳河 IV,Seine River IV, Paris 》

76cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《圣斯蒂芬大教堂,维也纳 St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna 》

99cm x 127cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《街头音乐家,巴黎 Street Musicians, Paris 》

76 cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《古迹与发展的对比 一 ,伦敦 Heritage Versus Development I, London》

76cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas / 2014

《古迹与发展的对比 二 ,伦敦 Heritage Versus Development II, London》

89cm x 104.5cm / 油画 Oil on Canvas

《彩虹之下,冰岛 Under The Rainbow, Iceland 》

76cm x 91.5cm / 油画 Oil on canvas

《晨阳.渔村 Morning Sun ( Fishing Village) 》

89cm x 214cm / 油画 Oil on canvas

《速度V Velocity V 》

75cm x 56cm / 水彩 Watercolour

《生命之源1 Source of Life 1 》

56cm x 76cm / 水彩 Watercolour

《原始森林IV Virgin Forest IV 》

56 x 76 cm / 水彩 Watercolour

《生命之源 2 Source of Life II 》

56 x 76 cm / 水彩 Watercolour

《海上之家VI Home from the sea VI 》(MWS Award)

56 x 76 cm / 水彩 Watercolour


Becky Choong

策展人 Curator

出生于马来西亚槟城州,著名策展人、画家兼艺评。现为马来西亚艺象中心创办人兼艺术执行长、《IMPSART 国际艺象》国际网络艺术平台创办人兼总编辑。国际艺象中心创办人兼艺术执行长,马来西亚槟城州立画廊理事。

1983年毕业于台湾师范大学,2016年考获中国南京艺术学院硕士学位。曾于2003、2004、2006、2017 与2022 共举办过五次个展。前后策展和带团到国内外并接受邀请参加重要联展至少六十场以上。1983年返马来西亚槟城即在星槟日报从事副刊编辑并兼写各报及杂誌艺评专栏多年至今,她个人共出版三本艺评画册,马来西亚槟城州立画廊回顾展艺评特别撰写人与策展。曾专业全面推动少儿美术教育及总策划六十场以上大小联展及音乐会慈善活动。她曾任受邀为百年历史名报-光华日报[小太阳],[大红花]儿童周刊美术顾问,多项大型儿童绘画比赛总策划与评审总监。曾任新闻从业员及跨国际公司行政机要秘书与中文导师。独中高中华文导师与少儿美术教育导师。艺术作品备受私人机构收藏,包括马来西亚上市公司[忆声电子], 中国河南郑州美术馆、中国永定沈钊昌艺术中心、马来西亚槟城州立画廊、台南文化中心、第一现代美术馆,企业私人收藏界等。

Becky Choong (M.A) PKT is a Curator, Art Critic & Artist from Malaysia. She graduated from National Taiwan Normal University on 1983 and went on to obtain her Master Degree from Nanjing University of Arts, China on 2016. She had held 5 Solo Art Exhibitions separately on 2003,2004,2006 ,2017 & 2021. She was invited and joined numerous Group Art Exhibitions in Malaysia & Abroad more than 60 times. Throughout her career, Becky Chong had organised more than 60 Art Exhibitions and Orchestra Performances. Known for her generous spirit, she had also volunteered in and conducted numerous many charities activities and had helped raise welfare funds for Senior Citizens and charity organizations through her Art Exhibitions and Orchestra Performances. She is the Founder & Art Director of Impressions Arts Center, Malaysia a Committee Member of Penang State Art Gallery, and a Chief Editor & Art Critic of the Internet Art Platform 【IMPSART】. Founder and Art Director of IMPSART Impression Arts Globe Centre.